Alexa Multi-room Music Is Here! In Both The US & UK!

At long last, IT’S HERE! Amazon has officially announced the new Alexa Multi-room Music feature, and rolled it out in both the US and the UK.


Rock N Roll Spiderman


Amazon’s also added a new Help topic for the feature, but the way things work is fairly self-explanatory. These screenshots from the Alexa app tell the story. Note that I’ve censored my device and group names, the gray boxes won’t be there when you look at this in your own copy of the Alexa app. Also, these shots are from the web version of the app but I checked the mobile and it looks a little different, but works the same.

The red boxes indicate select and text entry items.


1. Select the Smart Home menu link, then the Groups link.

Alexa App Music Groups


2. Select the Create Group button.

Alexa App Music Create Group


3. Select the Multi-Room Music link.

Alexa App Music Groups MultiRoom Select


4. In the Create Group screen, enter the name you’d like for your multi-room / multi-device group, or select the drop down arrow at right to select from Amazon’s pre-populated list of group names. Check the boxes next to the devices you want added to the group, then select the Create Group button at bottom.

Alexa App Music Groups MultiRoom Config


That’s it, now you’re all set for multi-room music!

You can issue the usual music playback and control commands to any Alexa device on your network to control playback on all devices in a group you’ve created. In other words, if you’ve created a group with bedroom and den devices in it, you can issue commands to control that group through a different device that’s not in the group, such as in the kitchen. Just be sure to include the group name in your command, like this:

[wake word], shuffle music by [artist] set volume on [group name].

You can also adjust volume for all devices in the group simultaneously with this command:

[wake word], set volume for [group name] to [volume level number 1 – 10].

Here’s an added wrinkle for those who own a Dash wand: remember, it’s an Alexa device on your network too, and that means you can use it to issue Multi Room Music commands.

Finally, in its press release Amazon announced it will be expanding this feature so users can add non-Amazon, Alexa-capable devices and smart speakers to their Alexa Multi-room Music groups, such as from Sonos, Bose, Sound United and Samsung. They’re also going to be introducing developer tools for makers of third-party devices to add this compatibility to their software.


Click here for Amazon’s Alexa Multi-room Music help topic on the Amazon US site.

Click here for Amazon’s Alexa Multi-room Music help topic on the Amazon UK site.