8/28/17 Things To Ask Alexa

Welcome to LME’s 8/28/17 Things To Ask Alexa: queries and statements to try on Alexa for a funny, unexpected or informative response.


Friday Vs Monday


First, here’s some long-awaited news on the whole home audio front: in the US at least (I live in the US, so I can’t test it for UK devices) you can now ask Alexa to play music on a different Alexa device on your network. Say the wake word, then this command:

Play [music you want] on the [device name].

For [music you want], you can specify things like, “Music by [artist],” “the album [album name],” “my playlist ,” all the standard commands for requesting music. I’ve found the tricky part is getting the “the” in there before the device name. It can make for some awkward-sounding commands, depending on how you’ve named your devices.

I don’t have any more information on this yet, and Amazon hasn’t updated its help pages to include the new functionality either. I’ll do a more thorough post in the future when the feature is more fully fleshed-out by Amazon.


Say the wake word followed by any of the statements or queries below.

Tell me a life hack.

Tell me a story.
Multiple responses. Alexa will actually read you an original short story.

What happened during the enlightenment?

Why are dinosaurs extinct?

Why do cats purr?

Where is the lost city of Atlantis?

Who has the most home runs in baseball?

Who is your favorite athlete?

Is time travel possible?

What makes a rainbow?

What is dark matter?

Are ghosts real?

What do you call a group of [animal]s?
This one doesn’t work for every animal on the planet, but it includes quite a few. Try owls, crows, whales, wolves, cats, sheep, horses and pigs.