AlexaDev Tuesday: Expanded Alexa Skill Royalty Program

Last month came the news that Amazon was starting to pay royalties to developers of top-performing skills in the Games category. Last week Amazon announced its expanded Alexa skill royalty program, with plenty more opportunities for skill developers to get paid.


Pay Devs More


The list of skill categories for which developers can earn royalties now includes:

– Education & Reference
– Food & Drink
– Games, Trivia & Accessories
– Health & Fitness
– Lifestyle
– Music & Audio
– Productivity

Amazon still isn’t sharing the specific formula they’re using to determine which skills earn money or how much, but these pages provide a more general overview of the types of skills Amazon is looking to reward through the program, and how to increase your chances of success:

Amazon Alexa Developer Blog: Developers Earn Money for Eligible Skills Customers Love

Alexa Skills Kit Rewards FAQ