AlexaDev Tuesday: Esprima Tool Suite Rocks!

Just a quick one today, to share a site I use pretty frequently when developing my javascript Alexa skills: the Esprima tool suite is free and easy to use.


When Your Code Works


Esprima, created by Ariya Hidayat, provides ten free, online tools that let you copy and paste in your code, then analyze, edit or manipulate it using the tools. Some of the tools are available as a node.js package, too.

I mostly use the Esprima javascript syntax validator, because unlike every other validator I’ve tried this one ignores formatting and style errors. When you just want to know about stray operators, brackets, commas and semicolons, this validator gets the job done quickly.

Esprima also offers:

– a parsing tool to produce a pretty, indented syntax tree from a simple expression

– an operator precedence tool, for those tricky calculations

– a Regex collector

– a function trace tool

– a configurable source code rewrite / standardization tool

– a configurable Minify tool

– an identifier highlight tool, that highlights all instances of a selected variable or function

– a rename refactoring tool, that allows you to easily change the name of all instances of an object – I realize you could do a search and replace in any code or plain text editor, but this tool automatically highlights all instances for easier visibility at a glance.

– an autocomplete tool that allows you to create picklists and populate functions on the fly


Thanks so much for sharing this with the developer community, Ariya Hidayat! You’ve saved me, and I’m sure many others, countless hours of wasted time and frustration.


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