Is Amazon Going To Discontinue Echo Now That Echo Show Is Out?

Ever since the Echo Show was announced, certain conspiracy theorist corners of the internet have been asking, “Now that they’ve released the more expensive Show, is Amazon going to discontinue Echo?” No. At least, not anytime soon. Read on for further reassurance.


Never Obsolete


Developers Are Being Told To Keep Voice The Top Priority In Their Skills
Amazon has expanded the Alexa Skills Kit to add support for the Show’s screen, and I’m actually working on a new skill that takes advantage of the new tools and screen. But in its developer blog post, How to Build Alexa Skills for Echo Show, Amazon clearly states:

The custom skills you have designed for Echo Show must take the following interactions into account:

– Voice: Voice remains the primary means of interacting with Alexa, even on the Echo Show device. If your skill requires a screen to be used effectively, you should create a voice interaction that tells customers on non-screen devices how to interact.

In other words we are not allowed to build skills exclusively for the Show, all skills must work on skill-capable devices without screens as well. If Amazon intended to discontinue the Echo in the near future, they wouldn’t be imposing this requirement.


Echo Only Just Got To Europe, and Show’s Not Available Outside the US Yet
No way is Amazon going to turn off the Echo supply spigot so soon after the initial release, especially when the device is very popular and still selling like it’s going out of style.


Amazon Likes To Create Families of Devices
This is the evidence that should be most compelling, even to the most doubting of Thomases. Amazon is still selling their flagship Kindle device, all these many years later, despite having released Paperwhite, Voyage and Oasis. Granted, it’s an updated version of the original, but Kindle was never discontinued—just improved. There are a few different flavors of Fire tablets, plus Fire TV too. Amazon likes to figure out multiple niches for their devices, then create a version of the device to suit each niche and price point. Alexa devices are no different, and there’s every reason to expect additional models will be released in the future.

Historically speaking: so long as the device remains popular and appeals to a large enough demographic, Amazon keeps producing it.


So keep calm, and buy an Echo if it’s the Alexa device that appeals most to you. You’ll be enjoying it for a long time to come.


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