AlexaDev Tuesday:’s Alexa Section Is A Skill Developer Treasure Trove

I’ve posted about it before but if you’re not already aware, you can find a LOT of sample code, demos and inspiration at’s Alexa section.


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As of this writing, there are over 3400 active Alexa developers signed up at’s Amazon Alexa section, and over 400 projects to browse. You may not know all the languages represented in the projects there, and you may not have all the accessory hardware (e.g., Raspberry Pi, servos, etc.), but it’s a great source of inspiration for developing your own skill ideas.

Here are just a few of the projects currently posted:

Droid My Mirror – a smart mirror project by Johann Reyes.

Smart Cap: Vision for the visually impaired – an accessibility tool that describes the scene captured by a smart camera. Winner of Best Alexa Skills Kit with Raspberry Pi in The Internet of Voice Challenge.

Run Google Assistant on Your Amazon Echo – an implementation of the Google Assistant API wrapped as an Alexa skill, by Ross Atkin.

Amazon Echo VR Controller – Have Amazon Echo control your Virtual Reality App. Teleportation tool in VR. By Ron Dagdag.

Alexa AWS IFTTT UK – Amazon Echo doesn’t work with IFTTT in the UK, but this Echo Skill and AWS Service makes it possible. Winner of FIRST 50 SKILLS and FIRST 50 SKILLS in The Amazon Alexa API Mashup Contest. By Joseph Douce.

Ping Pong Showdown – Got a ping pong table? Set up Alexa to keep score at the touch of an IoT button, but watch out for her wisecracks. Winner of Best Alexa Voice Service with Raspberry Pi in The Internet of Voice Challenge. By Dana Young.

Who Represents Me? – Find out who represents you in Congress and Senate by searching by your zipcode. Winner of Second Place in Hey Alexa!The Amazon Alexa Skill Contest. By Ron Dagdag.

Automated Chess Play using Alexa – Tell Alexa the move and it’s passed to an xy plotter made especially for Chess. By kash Ravichandran.


Click here to check out the full Alexa developer section.


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