6/16/17 Alexa Fast Tips Friday

Welcome to LME’s 6/16/17 Alexa Fast Tips Friday. You may have heard some of these before, but I hope you learn at least one new thing here each week.

Please note: not being in the UK myself I can’t test any of these tips for UK Alexa users. If the functionality isn’t there yet, it should be coming to you soon.


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1. Amazon is now making at least one Audible title free to U.S. Echo owners each month.
Say the wake word and ask, “What’s free from Audible?”


2. When new versions of commands don’t work, try the old ones.
In recent months Amazon’s been working hard to standardize commands, especially in the smart home area. It’s still not a flawless thing though, and in my own home I often find the newer version doesn’t work and I fall back on the old one, that pretty much always works.

For example, just tonight the newer command, “Alexa, make {room/bulb name} {color},” didn’t work but, “Alexa, ask LIFX to change {room/bulb name} to {color},” did work.


3. Speaking of smart lights…there’s now an Amazon help page that lists all the supported colors and shades of white for smart bulb control.
Check the new page to see how various shades of white have been named, which specific colors are supported via direct Alexa commands, and what those colors are named.

Amazon US customers click here.
Amazon UK customers click here.


4. Amazon has made its Quick Start Guides for Alexa devices available for viewing or download in PDF format.
The Quick Start Guide inserts Amazon sticks in the boxes with Alexa devices are regularly updated, and having ordered a few Alexa devices myself over the past couple of years, I can attest to their usefulness: even *I* have learned about a new feature from them a couple of times. Useful for new owners of Alexa devices and old, grizzled Alexa veterans like me, too.

Amazon US customers click here for the Quick Start Guides page.

Amazon UK customers click here for the Quick Start Guides page.


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