More Echo Look Details Released

While no official release date has yet been announced, more Echo Look details are now available on the Amazon site. If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of the device, read on.

UK readers: this device will surely make it to your shores after we in the U.S. have helped Amazon iron out the wrinkles and kinks, so while the Look has not yet been announced for the UK this post may still be of interest to you as well.

Note that the information provided here is accurate as of this writing, on 5/30/17, but is subject to change at Amazon’s discretion.


Webcam Room


Here are some of the highlights.

1. At least at the time it initially launches, the Look will not offer full Bluetooth support, either incoming or outbound.
This means no pairing with the Echo remote, but that kind of makes sense when you consider it’s assumed you’ll be standing in the same room as the device pretty much any time you want to use it. Per the Supported Alexa Features help page on Amazon:

These features are not available at this time:
– Alexa-to-Alexa Calling and Messaging
– Bluetooth Audio in (with voice playback control)
– Bluetooth Audio out (A2DP)
– Voicecast
– Voice Training

Note that because the above list is supposed to be inclusive of every Alexa feature that is NOT supported on Look, you can assume anything left off that list IS supported on Look. So music, audiobooks, skills, weather, calendar, to do list, alarms, smart home control, et cetera should all be there.


2. The camera stays off by default.
From Amazon’s Privacy on Echo Look page:

The camera is always off except when you activate it with Alexa or use the Echo Look app to take a photo, video, or to use live preview. You can turn off the microphone and disable taking photos and video by pushing the Mic/Camera Off button on Echo Look to electrically disconnect the microphone and camera.


3. You have control over the photos and video shot by Echo Look, including the ability to delete them.
From Amazon’s Delete an Echo Look Photo or Video page:

Deleting photos and video from the Echo Look app permanently deletes the copy stored in the cloud and related Style Check comparisons. However this will not remove copies you have shared on social media or saved locally to your phone.

How-to directions follow the above passage on the linked page.


4. The exclusive Style Check feature does not require payment of any fees, nor membership in Prime or any other fee-based subscription.
The service is free to use, and unlimited—within reason. On its About Style Check on Echo Look page, Amazon says:

There is no limit to the number of comparisons you can submit. However, we may limit your usage of Style Check if your use is excessive or you violate our Community Guidelines.

I would take this to mean that checking several outfits a day on average is fine, but emptying out your entire closet to stage a personal, day-long fashion show and have Style Check compare every outfit may run afoul of this guideline. I guess we won’t know for certain until the devices start shipping and people start using Style Check.


See Amazon’s Support for Echo Look home page for full details of all Echo Look features and functions.


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