5/20/17 LME Weekly Summary

Here’s the 5/20/17 LME Weekly Summary: links to all of the previous week’s posts along with a brief summary of each. Click through on the links to view the full post for any you’re interested in.


Weekend Damage


5/15/17: How To Disable Alexa Calling
Sync between your cell’s Contacts list and your Alexa contacts list isn’t currently working. Here are more details on the flaw and how to disable Alexa calling.

5/16/17 AlexaDev Tuesday: Amazon Pays Alexa Skill Royalties In A New, Trial Program
Amazon, on a trial basis at least, has started paying devs Alexa skill royalties in a program like their Amazon App Store Actually Free program.

5/17/17 – Things To Ask Alexa: Greatest Hits
Some of the most popular past queries and statements to try on Alexa for a funny, unexpected or informative response.

5/19/17 – Alexa Fast Tips Friday
You may have heard some of these before, but hopefully, at least one will be totally new and helpful to you.


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Roomba 960

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