4/25/17 Alexa Dev Tuesday: Alexa Skill User Beta Testing

Publication Date: 4/25/17 – Beta testing of Alexa skills among developers has been available for a long time, but last week Amazon introduced a new feature for developers: Alexa skill user beta testing.


Beta Test


This new functionality allows developers to invite specific Alexa device owners to join their beta test group via addition of email addresses, and the beta test can run for up to 90 days. Now developers can run true beta tests with scripts and get user feedback before submitting skills for certification. From Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit documentation:

The skills beta testing tool can be used to test your Alexa skill in beta before releasing it to production. You can also use the skills beta testing tool to test changes to an existing skill, while still keeping the currently live version of the skill available for the general public. You can invite friends or family, your social network contacts, or other people for whom you have an email address to test your skill and provide feedback. You can send up to 2000 invitations.

At any time, you can add testers, remove testers, or end a test. You can see tester feedback in the Amazon Developer Portal. You can get feedback on your skill throughout the testing cycle, and reduce costs by making fixes before you release the skill to production. Using skills beta testing can help increase your chances of skill success.


Click here to view the full Amazon developer documentation.