4/18/17 AlexaDev Tuesday: Alexa Skills Kit Tutorials For Ruby

Publication Date: 4/18/17 – Amazon is doing its level best to open the Alexa Skills Kit to developers of every stripe. To that end, Amazon has partnered with Makers Academy to offer Alexa Skills Kit tutorials for Ruby developers.


Use Ruby on Rails


From Marion Desmazieres, on the Amazon Developer blog:

We’re pleased to announce our collaboration with Makers Academy on a new Alexa Skills Kit training course for Ruby developers.

Makers Academy is a leading web developer bootcamp based in London, UK. Its highly-selective, full-time program teaches the principles of software craftsmanship. Makers Academy has graduated over 700 students into their dream jobs as junior developers.

We believe natural user interfaces such as those based on speech represent the next major disruption in computing. Now is a great time for developers to take advantage of this new form of interaction and to learn to build voice-first experiences for Alexa, the voice service that powers Amazon Echo. Makers Academy’s mission is to teach students the most used technologies in today’s marketplace, and we’re excited to team up to prepare you for the future of voice computing.

In the next few weeks, we’ll deliver a new, free training course on building custom skills for Alexa. This particular training will focus on Ruby, a general-purpose programming language that is an intuitive route into programming. You’ll learn how to set up Alexa web interactions in Ruby, work with intents, utterances, and slots, and prepare to build more complex Alexa skills with features like session storage and persistence.

Makers Academy is thrilled to help bring next-generation voice interface programming to the Ruby community.


Click here for module one, How to Implement Sessions in an Alexa Skill in Ruby.

Click here for module two, How to Build a ‘Hello World’ Skill with Ruby.

Click here for module three, Build a Fact-Checking Skill with Slots and Custom Slot Types.