New Alexa Enabled Devices: Watches, Car Mounts, Speakers and More!

By now most of you have surely heard about Alexa being added to the Amazon mobile app on iPhones, which essentially makes any iPhone running the Amazon mobile app an Alexa enabled device. It’s on the way for Android, too. But what you may not realize is that oh so quietly, manufacturers have been turning out all kinds of new Alexa enabled devices.


In My Day Alexa Was On Echo Only


First, a note for UK readers: this explosion of new devices hasn’t yet hit UK shores, but I have no doubt it will catch up. Consider this a preview of coming attractions, and if you’ve been in the market for any of the devices shown in this post maybe consider holding off a few months to see if an Alexa-enabled version shows up.


Alexa, Alexa Everywhere!
Ever since Amazon released the Amazon Voice Service for any and all developers to use, from time to time we’d get wind of some amazing new device with all kinds of Alexa awesomeness built in,but when we clicked through to find out where we could buy this miraculous new gadget we’d learn it’s still in the crowdfunding stage on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.


Some big names have now thrown their hats into the ring, and Alexa is now available an an integrated feature on multiple smart watches, smart speakers (that are apparently in direct competition with Amazon’s own Echo and Tap), home hub and intercom systems, car connectivity products, and more.

The showcases below demonstrate how many new Alexa enabled devices are out there, and Alexa’s still pretty darned young. Imagine what lists like these will look like by this time next year. By this year’s winter holiday shopping season, for that matter.

You’ll notice that many of these products are kind of pricey, but a quite a few are surprisingly affordable. I’d recommend checking out the customer reviews before investing too heavily in any of them, and that you pay particular attention to features or issues of special interest to you.


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The Genius of Amazon
By now, it should be pretty clear what a genius move it was on Amazon’s part to open up the Alexa Voice Service platform to outside developers. We’re only about two years in, and we’ve already got access to Alexa on our computers, in our phones, on our Fire tablet and Fire TV devices, in our watches, in our cars, and through headphones!

Amazon may not be making much money on sales of all those non-Amazon products but they’re making Alexa a household name—and a household member that is already eclipsing Siri in terms of user familiarity and comfort level. Imagine what Apple might have accomplished with Siri by now if they’d taken the same approach.

Of course, Amazon is also making their own, branded shopping concierge (whose name happens to be Alexa) a constant presence in their customers’ homes and lives. If Alexa is there no matter where you are, so is Amazon.


Well played, Mr. Bezos. Well played.


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