AlexaDev Tuesday: Cool Alexa Device Hacks

Publication Date: 3/13/17 – Those merry hacksters and makers over at have come up with some very cool Alexa device hacks. If you’re a die hard tinkerer, you’ve come on a good day!




Most of these projects are created using Raspberry Pi, Particle Photon, Maestro and similar electronics components, together with toys, accessories and robotics parts of varying cost and complexity.

First up, the one that’s been lighting up the internet all day: The Yorick Project, by Mike McGurrin. This one may be costly if you don’t already own a 3-axis talking skull, but if you’ve already made that investment the only other major supply requirements are a Raspberry Pi and servo controller.



McGurrin was inspired by Donald Bell’s equally hilarious (and some would say, equally creepy) Animate a Billy Bass Mouth With Any Audio Source project.



Next, it’s Patt Vira’s Magic Eyeball hack. This one adds animatronic eyeballs to a Magic 8 Ball skill.



Ɓukasz Budnik’s Alexa Voice-controlled Robot looks like a lot of fun.



Gergely Imreh’s Voice Controlled LED Matrix Christmas Tree project is holiday themed, but it’s a great jumping off point for more complex applications.



For those who are looking for a challenge, consider trying your hand at Elvis Wolcott’s Voice Activated Drink Mixer.



Finally, Team Technomadic has created a wearable Alexa device that can save lives. Their Personal Healthcare Assistant PHA monitors patients who have had, or are at high risk of having, a cardiac arrest.


Alexa PHA


Now get out there and start hacking!