Traveling With Alexa

Publication Date: 2/21/17 – Most people know the Amazon Tap is meant to be mobile, but many owners of other Alexa devices don’t realize they can take Alexa devices on the road when they travel, too. Traveling with Alexa is easy, so long as your destination has electricity and WiFi you can access.


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Alexa Works In Dots, Spots, Shows and Echos Anywhere There’s WiFi and Electricity
Based on comments and questions I’ve received lately, it seems like most Alexa device owners think that once they select a location for their device, Alexa must remain rooted to the spot until the owner moves or the device eventually ages out and dies. Not true! You can move your Echo, Spot, Show or Dot from room to room, house to house, apartment to office, and even vacation condo to hotel room.

As long as the place you’re headed has electricity and WiFi, and you have the WiFi password, you’re good to go.


The How-To For Changing Rooms In The Same Building
Just unplug your device, move it to the other room, and plug it back in. It should automatically reconnect to your WiFi network, provided that network extends to the new room (or garage, or patio, or balcony). Wait for the light ring to stop spinning and when Alexa says, “Hello!”, she’s ready to get to work. Easy peasy!


The How To For Other Locations: Repeat Setup In The Alexa App
When you’ve got your Alexa device positioned in its new location, plug it in and repeat setup in the Alexa app, just the same as you did when you first installed it in its original location. Yes, this even works in hotels and dorms now! When the Echo was first released it was not possible to connect it to WiFi hotspots or public networks of the type you’d typically find in a hotel or dormitory, but this is no longer the case!

Here’s the step for connecting to public networks, from Amazon’s own instructions:

Optional – Connect to a public network: Enter any required information if you are connecting to a public network that requires a web browser to sign in, like a school or hotel. The information could be a pre-shared password, room number, or just a button to accept conditions for using the network. This information cannot be saved to Amazon. Contact the network owner for more information.

Click here to view the full setup instructions on Amazon’s US site.

Click here to view the full setup instructions on Amazon’s UK site.

Remember that you’ll need to change the device’s location setting in the Alexa app if you want Alexa to get weather and other local information for the new location. When you bring the device back home and plug it back in, it will reconnect to its original network automatically.


So feel free to take Alexa on vacation with you, to work (so long as your employer’s OK with it), over to the homes of your friends and family, or on business trips.