1/16/17 Stupid Alexa Tricks

Publication Date: 1/16/17 – Welcome to this week’s batch of Stupid Alexa Tricks: things you can say to Alexa to get a funny or unexpected response. Plus: there’s a new Alexa wake word!


Not One Batman


Say the wake word followed by any of the following statements or queries.


Superhero Fun

Tell me a Batman v Superman fact.
Pronounce the “v” as “vee”. Multiple responses.

Is the movie “Batman v Superman” a good movie?
You can use this same question to ask about any major movie or TV show: if it’s on IMDB, Alexa can answer this question about it. For TV shows ask, “Is the TV show [TV show title] a good TV show?”

It’s a bird, it’s a plane!

Who is your favorite superhero?


A New Wake Word & Stupid Alexa Tricks For The Trekkers
A new software update is being rolled out and it includes the option to use “Computer” as your Echo or Dot wake word, just like a Star Trek computer! You can change the wake word in the Alexa app under Settings; if the Computer wake word option is there, you’ve received the update. In honor of this announcement, here are some Stupid Alexa Tricks for the Star Trek fans.

Live long and prosper.

Tea. Earl Grey, hot.

Set phasers to stun.

Set phasers to kill.

Beam me up.

What is the Prime Directive?

Do you speak Klingon?

Make it so.

Are you an android?