1/13/17 Freebie Friday: Audible Sessions Author Interviews

Publication Date: 1/13/17 – Audible Sessions exclusive interviews feature many bestselling authors, like Archer, McDermid, Connolly and Hill to name just a few, plus a sprinkling of celebrity memoirists. There are more than 300 interviews to choose from, and they’re all FREE!


Not Fangirling Hard Enough


Here are just a few of the many noteworthy Audible Sessions interviews, which generally run between 15 minutes to a half hour.


Bryan Cranston: Audible Sessions (Amazon UK customers click here) – Bryan Cranston joins Robin Morgan in the Audible Studios for an exclusive interview on the release of his autobiography, A Life in Parts (Amazon UK customers click here). Bryan discusses the writing process, the experience of recording the audiobook, and of course his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad. 17 minutes.


Audible Sessions with Johnny Marr (Amazon UK customers click here) – Legendary musician Johnny Marr, co-founder of The Smiths, joins David Darlington in the Audible Studios to discuss his autobiography, Set the Boy Free (Amazon UK customers click here). 24 minutes.


Miriam Margolyes: Audible Sessions (Amazon UK customers click here) – The legendary Miriam Margolyes joins Robin Morgan in the Audible Studios to discuss her career, Maggie Smith, and her involvement in a new audiobook project with a series of letters unearthed by the National Archives. 28 minutes.


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