AlexaDev Tuesday: Enhanced Alexa Display Cards

Publication Date: 1/9/17 – By now the rumor that Amazon intends to release a new Alexa device that will be sort of like an Echo with top-mounted 7″ touchscreen is common knowledge, and if you’re an Alexa Voice Service dev it may have occurred to you that the existing Alexa display cards could do with some enhancements before that device launches.


Handle Friend's Touchscreen


Fortunately, as Amazon’s Ted Karczewski reports, Amazon is already on the case and inviting developers to sign up for early access to the new tools intended to support development of enhanced Alexa display cards.

Today at CES, Nucleus demonstrated new Display Cards for Alexa that offer complementary visual content alongside voice responses from the Alexa Voice Service.

For screen-based devices like the Amazon Fire TV with Alexa, Display Cards for Alexa offer the ability to render a “Now Playing” interface for music and books, as well as graphical information for weather, to-do and shopping lists, calendar updates, and Alexa skills when a user engages with Alexa.

Nucleus, which launched its smart anywhere intercom in August 2016, is one of the first products to demonstrate the new visual display capabilities. You can preview Display Cards for Alexa by visiting the Nucleus booth (#40954) located in the Sands, Halls A-D.

Display Cards for Alexa is available through an early access program for commercial developers. A generally available solution will be available in early 2017. Request early access here.

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Nucleus Enhanced Display Cards


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