AlexaDev Tuesday: ASK Built-In Library Dev Preview

Publication Date: 12/19/16 – Amazon recently announced a dramatic expansion of the Alexa Skills Kit’s built-in library of slots and intents. Read on to learn more about Amazon’s ASK Built-In Library Dev Preview.


Ask the Right Questions


On 12/7/16, Amazon Senior Alexa Evangelist Dave Isbitski shared this:

Earlier in the year, we introduced built-ins with 15 different intents (such as Stop, Cancel, Help, Yes, No) and 10 slot types (such as Date, Number, City, etc.) that made it easier for developers to create voice interactions. Today, the US preview of our new Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) built-in library is available to developers. This expands the library to hundreds more slots and intents covering new domains including books, video and local businesses. We chose these based on feedback from our developer community, as well as our own learnings with Alexa over the past year.

When you’re building a skill, it’s challenging to think of all the different ways your customers might ask the same question or express the same idea – all of which your skill would ideally need to understand. The new built-in intents and slots reduce your heavy-lifting by providing a pre-built model. For example, just including the following statement


makes your skill understand a customer’s request for phone numbers for local businesses.


There’s too much new functionality to cover in an excerpt, so developers who’ve been thinking about writing a new skill can click here to read Dave’s full post, which includes use cases, sample code and relevant links for capitalizing on the newly expanded library of built-in slots and intents.