AlexaDev Tuesday: Python Alexa Skill Tutorial

Publication Date: 12/5/16 – Python developers, you’ve come on a good day! Today I’m sharing a cross-post from Marion Desmazieres on the Alexa Developer Blog that announces a new Python Alexa skill tutorial.

Notice for holiday shoppers: tech outlets are reporting Amazon will be putting Alexa devices on sale again next week, so if you’re thinking about buying one you might want to hold off till then.


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From the blog:

The name of Harrison Kinsley may not ring a bell but if you’re into Python programming you’ve probably heard the name “Sentdex”. With over 125,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and about 800 free tutorials on his associated website, Harrison has become a reference for learning materials on Python programming.
Harrison Kinsley
Today, we’re excited to share a new Alexa skills tutorial for Python programmers available for free on with companion video screencasts to follow along. This three-part tutorial series provides the instructions and code snippets to build an Alexa skill in Python that goes to the World News subreddit, a popular feed on news aggregator Reddit, and reads the latest headlines. To follow along, you will need an Alexa-enabled devicengrok or an https enabled server, and an Amazon Developer account.

In this tutorial, you can expect to learn:

How to get started with Flask-Ask, a Flask extension created by Alexa Champion John Wheeler that makes building Alexa skills easy with a Python logic.

How to create the get_headlines function, which is where you’ll use Python to get the headlines from Reddit.

How to test your skill by setting it up in the Amazon Developer console and testing it on an Alexa-enabled device.

Get started with the Alexa tutorial series here. For more Python tutorials, head to Harrison’s website.

Happy coding!