9/30/16 Freebie Friday: Halloween Echo Skins!

Halloween’s just around the corner, and it’s high time Alexa got to join in on the holiday hi-jinks. Today I’m sharing a free, downloadable PDF of Halloween Echo skins I’ve designed especially for Love My Echo readers, including a few costumes for Alexa to wear.


2016 Love My Echo Halloween Skins


The pack contains ten skins in all: Mummy, Ghost, Candy Corn, Jack O’ Lantern and Frankenstein’s Monster costumes for Alexa, four decor options from festive to creepy, and a blank in case you’d like to create your own.

As with all the skin packs I offer here let me remind you that the skins can either be printed out on regular paper and taped to your Echo at the back, or printed on special removable adhesive label paper (UK visitors – I was unable to find the equivalent product on Amazon’s UK site, but you can probably find it at your local office and stationery supply).

Personally, I prefer to print them on plain paper because then they’re easy to remove and cost less.


Special Notes On Frankenstein’s Monster Alexa Costume Skin
This one has a unique design that will only work when printed on plain paper and taped onto your Echo at the back.

Cut out the green midsection piece, wrap it around the solid upper section of your Echo (immediately below the volume ring, try to line it up to the uppermost edge) and tape into place at the back. Cut out the brown bottom piece, wrap it around the solid bottom section (immediately below the perforated part of the Echo canister) and tape into place at the back. Finally, cut out the top “hair” piece, wrap it around the volume ring with the points directed downward and tape at the back, ensuring your piece of tape is narrow enough that it will only adhere to the volume ring.

The final effect is to have the top, hair piece overhanging the solid green section. Don’t worry, the volume ring will still turn so long as you made sure the tape piece holding the hair was narrow enough to adhere only to the volume ring and not the Echo canister body.

Click here to open the downloadable 2016 LME Halloween Echo Skins PDF in a new tab or window.
Enjoy, and please share this post with any other Echo owners you know!

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