Stupid Alexa Tricks: Tell Me A Joke Edition

Alexa’s got a large library of jokes to share and since she doesn’t care for strong language, the kids can enjoy these too.


Not Sure If Funny Fry


Say the wake word followed by any of the questions or statements below.
Most of these have multiple responses.

Tell me a joke.

Tell me an animal joke.

Tell me a dog joke.

Tell me a cat joke.

Tell me a yo mama joke.

Tell me a riddle.


2016 Election Funko Pop


Alexa’s On Point for Election Season

Tell me a political joke.

Tell me a Hillary Clinton joke.

Tell me a Donald Trump joke.

Tell me a Bernie Sanders joke.

Tell me a Republican joke.

Tell me a Democrat joke.

Tell me a Ben Carson joke.

Tell me a Jeb Bush joke.

Tell me a Chris Christie joke.

Tell me a Ted Cruz joke.


* * *

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