Alexa & Echo Basics Roundup

This week LOTS of people took advantage of Prime Day deals to buy their first Echo or other Alexa-enabled device, so today I’m sharing a roundup of the posts that are most helpful and informative to new Alexa users.

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New Fangle Technology


Alexa & Echo 101

Echo / Alexa Help Desk
Page with contact information for Amazon Echo / Alexa tech support and links to how-to and troubleshooting posts.

Universal Alexa Skill Commands

Alexa Help Commands

How You Can Make Alexa Smarter

How To Customize Alexa’s Flash Briefing

Getting Your Music Into Amazon Music Library So Echo Can Play It

Bluetooth Playback Controls For iTunes On Echo, Google Music On Echo

Can The Echo Play Podcasts? You Betcha!

Keeping Audible Books Synced On Amazon Echo

New Amazon Echo / Alexa Smart Home Commands

Echo Radio Integration Means You Can Get That Great Radio Station From Back Home, Or Back In The Day!

Stupid Alexa Tricks Archive


Security & Privacy

Echo Security Concerns

Is Alexa Spying On You?


Advanced Topics

Echo Custom Wake Words: Why Isn’t This A Thing Yet?

Amazon Echo Google Search: Why Isn’t This A Thing Yet?

Yes, You CAN Access Another Household Member’s Music Library On Your Echo

I Got 99 Problems, But Alexa Ain’t (Usually) One
There are many reasons why Alexa sometimes doesn’t do what you expect her to; this post explains which types of problems probably have nothing to do with your Alexa-enabled device.

How Echo Can Help Care For Aging Or Disabled Family Members


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The Philips 456210 Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Bulb Starter Kit 2nd Generation, Works with Alexa is the smart lighting system many new Alexa device owners have chosen to kick off their smart home collection. Currently (as of 7/13/16) rated 4/5 stars across over 580 reviews and currently priced at $168.96, the starter kit includes the new, second generation hub plus three color bulbs (that can also be set to white light).

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