Amazon Echo’s Alexa Gets UK & Canada Biz Info

Need to get the scoop on a UK or Canadian destination city before you travel? Alexa’s Yelp integration now includes business information for both!


International Man of Mystery


Thanks go out to reddit user The-Engima-Code for the discovery.

You can now ask Alexa the same types of business information queries you’re already using for local businesses, but specify a UK or Canada city (and the country). Of course, because this data is coming from Yelp it is limited to what’s currently available on Yelp. Still, I was able to inquire about museums in London England, restaurants in Watford England, the police department in Edinburgh Scotland, and bars in Ottawa Canada.

The screenshot below, taken from the Alexa web app, shows my query (red arrow) and the results given; tap or click on the image to view an enlarged version in a new tab or window. The blue arrow indicates one of the links that will take me to the business’s page on Yelp.


UK Canada Yelp


The availability of information for Canada and the UK may lend support to rumors of an upcoming Echo rollout in Canada and the UK, but Amazon’s neither confirming nor denying those rumors.

For now, this is still a very useful enhancement for anyone with an Alexa-enabled device who’s traveling to Canada or the UK.


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