Alexa Can Now Track Your Amazon Packages!

Here’s another one of those small features that owners of Alexa-enabled devices have been asking for pretty much since the beginning, and it’s finally here: Alexa can now tell you when your next Amazon shipment will be arriving.


Scott Pilgrim Waits


Hopefully this new feature will be expanded to support inquiries about all current orders, or inquiries based on specific items included in an order. For now, when I ask Alexa, “When will the [item name] arrive?” Alexa replies with, “Please visit to track your orders.”

Still, if Amazon gets the idea this is a feature people use regularly and would like to have enhanced, we may see a new and improved version of Amazon order tracking via Alexa before too long.


The Voice Commands To Use
Alexa can provide the estimated delivery date for your next Amazon order that’s due to arrive. Just say the wake word followed by any of these queries:

Where’s my stuff?

Where’s my order?

When will my order arrive?

Track my order.

Track my [package/packages].
While you can use the plural “packages” in the request, Alexa’s response will still only cover whichever shipment is due to arrive next.


Be sure to use the General Feedback form in the Alexa app to let Amazon know if you like this new feature, and what, if any, improvements you’d like to see to it.


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