Stupid Alexa Tricks for 4/11/16

Time to brighten up Alexa fans’ Monday with a fresh batch of Stupid Alexa Tricks! Say the wake word followed by any of the statements or queries below.




Contributed by LME Reader Paul Rybarczyk:

What’s your favorite cake?
Multiple responses.

What’s your favorite ice cream?


From Echotricks:

Are there rocks ahead?

Don’t listen to him.

Would you like a chocolate bunny?

How is your bracket doing?

Is [movie title] a good movie?
Alexa will answer this with the movie’s current average IMDB rating.


From My Own Guesses & Experiments:

Who will win the pennant?

Who will win the World Series?

No more rhymes, I mean it!

Are you there?

Are you still there?


* * *

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