Amazon Echo Smart Home Skills Roundup

The Alexa skills machine has certainly kicked into high gear, with new skills being released on a near-daily basis. But since most of them are for entertainment purposes only, many Echo owners only check the skills tab in the Alexa app when they hear of a new skill with practical functionality they’ve been waiting for.

I was rummaging around in the skills tab myself recently and noticed that a LOT of smart home device support skills have been released since the last time I looked. It’s possible the specific smart home device support you’ve been waiting for is now available.


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Available Smart Home Device Skills As Of 2/10/16
Note that I am not personally endorsing these skills, and I haven’t even used most of them because I don’t have most of the smart home devices they support. I’m just letting anyone who’s interested know about the smart home skills that currently exist. Descriptions are from the Alexa mobile app.


AnyMote Smart Remote – Control all your home electronics over Wi-Fi or InfraRed through the Smart IR Remote and AnyMote skill for Alexa. To use this skill, you need Smart IR Remote – AnyMote from Google Play or Apple AppStore.

Automatic – Find out where your car is parked, how much gas you have left, or how far you’ve driven recently. This skill requires an Automatic adapter.

Garageio – Garageio is the simple and secure way to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world, all without needing to replace your existing opener. Requires installation of the Garageio device.




Home Seer – This skill allows HomeSeer home automation system users to control and monitor status of their devices and to launch their automation events using the Amazon Echo.

House Band – allows access to your JRiver Media Center music collection! Play music, search your collection, create Play Doctor playlists, and more.

ISY – ISY skill allows you to control your home using an ISY home-automation controller.

Kasa – Kasa is a simple way to manage your home from anywhere. You can link Kasa with Amazon Echo to control devices like TP-LINK smart plugs and smart lights with simple voice commands.


LIFX Color


LIFX – Ask Alexa to switch on the LIFX lights when your hands are full and fill your home with your favourite colors.

MobiLinc – The MobiLinc Connect skill allows you to control your ISY home-automation controller from Universal Devices. This enables you to control your devices, locks, thermostats and even programs from your Echo.

Mojio – Talk to your car with the Amazon Echo skill by Mojio. Connect your Alexa and Mojio accounts to get real-time information about your car, no matter where it is.

mydlink HomeD-Link’s Wi-Fi Smart Plugs make your home brighter, safer and more in tune with you. Control your devices with the sound of your voice and make any home smart.

Reflect Connect – Reflect Connect allows you to control your Nest thermostat with your Amazon Echo!


Scout Alarm


Scout Alarm – Controlling your Scout security system has never been easier. Ask Alexa to arm and disarm, retrieve recent activities, or check in on the status of a sensor.

Simple Control – Take charge of your Simple Control automated home using nothing more than your voice. Control Activities, volume, and other aspects of Simple Control.

SkyBell – Control your SkyBell HD video doorbell, including live video recordings!

Stringify – Run connected experiences that include things like Fitbit, SmartThings, Nest, Hue, Dropbox, Twitter and many more. This skill requires the free Stringify app.

Vivint Smart Home – Control your Vivint smart home (for Vivint Sky customers only) with easy-to-use voice commands.

Yesterday I also saw a skill for the Securifi Almond wireless router. Hopefully it’s just been pulled for further improvement and will be back on the skills tab soon.



From video doorbells to garage doors, from home security systems to thermostats, Alexa can talk to them all!