Need Amazon Echo Help? Try These Alexa Help Commands.

Lots of folks seem to be unaware of this but when you’ve got a question about your Echo, you can simply ask Alexa about it.




Alexa has always had a few help commands, but Amazon’s recently expanded Alexa’s help library. Now you can ask her for help with things you’re pretty sure the Echo can do, but don’t know how to make the Echo do. You can also get more information about items listed on the menu in the Alexa app.


Alexa Help Commands

Say the wake word followed by any of the following questions to get some help from Alexa herself.

What can you do?

What are your new features?

What do you know?

Can you do math?

How can/do I play music?

How can/do I add music?

What is Prime Music?

What is Audible?

What is Connected Home?

What is Voicecast?

How can/do I pair to Bluetooth?

How can/do I connect my calendar?

What is an Alexa skill?

How can/do I use skills?

How can/do I set an alarm?


The Echo keeps getting better, and using it keeps getting easier!


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