Alexa / Echo Help Desk: Fixes For Common Problems

Here it is, all in one single, handy location: all the Alexa help and information resources you could possibly need. If you know of a resource I’ve missed, use the Contact form to let me know about it. Last updated: 1/18/18.

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LME’s Alexa FAQ

^^Here’s where to start if you’re new to Alexa devices and services, or need more detailed information one the most popular Alexa features.


Amazon Pages and Resources

Amazon Alexa / Echo Tech Support phone number:
1-877-375-9365 – 3am to 10pm PST, 7 days
**12/15/17 UPDATE** I’ve heard about (and personally experienced) intermittent trouble getting through on this number. Alternatively, you can go through the Help > Contact Us links on the Amazon site (which offers the option to have Amazon call you on a provided number immediately), use the Help & Feedback form in the Alexa app, or use the email address below.

Amazon Alexa / Echo Tech Support email address:

Amazon Alexa / Echo Team Twitter Account – tweet them with the hashtag #TeachAlexa to request new Easter eggs or features

Online access to the Amazon Alexa app



Amazon’s Alexa/Echo Things To Try page – updated regularly

Amazon’s Alexa/Echo What’s New? page – updated regularly

Amazon’s Help page for Alexa on Fire TVupdated regularly



Amazon’s Page of Currently, Officially Supported Smart Home Devices – updated regularly

Amazon’s Alexa Fund Page
Here’s where you can see which companies have received grants to integrate Alexa with their devices and services – updated regularly

Amazon Alexa Developer Portal – updated regularly


Relevant LME Posts

List of Resources for AVS & ASK Developers

Universal Alexa Skill Commands

Alexa Help Commands

Learn about using Alexa Voice Training and Voice Feedback in the Alexa app to improve Alexa’s comprehension in How You Can Make Alexa Smarter

How To Check Amazon Server Status, Streaming Service Status to see if the problem is with your device or Amazon’s servers/services

Troubleshooting: Audio Stops Playing On Echo, Echo Audio Drops Out

Echo (or Dot) Not Hearing You Clearly? – here are some possible fixes


Other Non-Amazon Pages and Resources

Dylan Busse’s Summary of Alexa Commands “Cheat Sheet”

Suspect a WiFi issue? See Vox’s 5 Tips For Faster WiFi YouTube video.

Amazon Echo Wikipedia page – updated regularly

My own developer guide to Using Session Attributes in Javascript – free pdf, can be printed or downloaded

Udemy Course: Introduction to Voice Design with Amazon’s Alexa – 41 minutes, free of charge as of this writing (on 1/25/16)



Github projects labeled “Echo Alexa”– great source of sample code to help developers learn how to code for Alexa


I’ll update this page in the future if I become aware of any additional useful resources for Echo owners or Alexa developers.


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