Alexa / Echo Help Desk: Fixes For Common Problems

Post Updated 11/18/18 – Here it is, all in one single, handy location: all the Alexa help and information resources you could possibly need. If you know of a resource I’ve missed, use the Contact form to let me know about it.

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LME’s Alexa FAQ

^^Here’s where to start if you’re new to Alexa devices and services, or need more detailed information one the most popular Alexa features.


Amazon Pages and Resources

Amazon Alexa / Echo Tech Support phone number:

Note: I’ve heard about (and personally experienced) intermittent trouble getting through on this number at times in the past. Alternatively, you can go through the Help > Contact Us links on the Amazon site (which offers the option to have Amazon call you on a provided number immediately), use the Help & Feedback form in the Alexa app, or use the email address below.

Amazon Alexa / Echo Tech Support email address:

Amazon Alexa / Echo Team Twitter Account – tweet them with the hashtag #TeachAlexa to request new Easter eggs or features

Online access to the Amazon Alexa app



Amazon’s Alexa/Echo Things To Try page – updated regularly

Amazon’s Alexa/Echo What’s New? page – updated regularly

Amazon’s Help page for Alexa on Fire TVupdated regularly



Amazon’s Page of Currently, Officially Supported Smart Home Devices – updated regularly

Amazon’s Alexa Fund Page
Here’s where you can see which companies have received grants to integrate Alexa with their devices and services – updated regularly


Relevant LME Posts

List of Resources for AVS & ASK Developers

Universal Alexa Skill Commands

Alexa Help Commands

How To Check Amazon Server Status, Streaming Service Status to see if the problem is with your device or Amazon’s servers/services

Troubleshooting: Audio Stops Playing On Echo, Echo Audio Drops Out

Echo (or Dot) Not Hearing You Clearly? – here are some possible fixes


Other Non-Amazon Pages and Resources

Dylan Busse’s Summary of Alexa Commands “Cheat Sheet”

Suspect a WiFi issue? See Vox’s 5 Tips For Faster WiFi YouTube video.

Amazon Echo Wikipedia page – updated regularly


I’ll update this page in the future if I become aware of any additional useful resources for Echo owners or Alexa developers.