Thousands of FREE Classic Radio Shows For Your Echo & Other Audio Devices

One of my favorite Echo features is Alexa’s ability to read books from my Audible library on demand. I particularly enjoy the full-cast recordings that also include music and sound effects, bringing the story to vivid life.

But you don’t have to have an Audible library to enjoy this experience. Thanks to the Old Time Radio Researchers Group (OTRRG) Library, thousands of individual episodes of such classic old time radio shows as Flash Gordon, Dead Reckoning, Suspense, ABC Theater and many more are available to stream online or download FOR FREE.

These fully-dramatized recordings feature acting greats from the golden age of Hollywood, and the music and variety shows are no less star-studded.


First: Download For Free
The OTRRG is a non-profit organization and all of their offerings are in the public domain, which is how they can legally provide all these great radio shows to the public for free. Donations are appreciated on the site, but not required, and no registration of any kind is required either.

Here’s the easy how-to:

1. Go to the OTRR Library home page. Be sure to read the guidelines and rules provided there.

2. Use the alphabet links in the left-hand column to filter your title search by letter.

3. In the alphabetical letter listing page, click on the title of the show you’re interested in to view available episodes.

4. If the titles themselves are links, you can right-click to download. In the screenshot below, I’ve right-clicked on a title while viewing the site in Firefox, and could use the “Save Link As” menu option to download the associated MP3. Depending on your browser, the link to use may be “Save As”, “Save Link As”, “Save File As” or “Save Target As”.

Note that what you see there is a direct link to the MP3 file, you will not be shunted off to a separate download site or page, and the file you receive is a plain .mp3, not a zip file or anything else.

Tap or click on images to view an enlarged version in a new tab or window.

5. Note that some shows have a different type of detail page, where links to stream the episodes are shown in the upper part of the page and more detailed information about the show and a download options area is provided lower down on the page. For example, below you can see the OTRR Library page for “Suspense”.

On this type of page, clicking on the links at the top of the page will start streaming the selected episode. To download, scroll down and click on the MP3 link in the Download Options area to view available download links:

Clicking on the blue download icon (indicated by a red arrow in screenshot above) will start streaming the episode, but right-clicking on the icon opens an options menu where you can find the appropriate link for your browser (as described and shown earlier in this post) to download the .mp3 file.

There’s also a torrent download icon (blue arrow), which you can use to download every episode listed in a single .torrent file. As you can see, the torrent download contains over 900 .mp3 files and will be very large.


Then: Pipe To Your Echo
Once you’ve downloaded the shows you want, there are two options for playing them on your Echo.

1. Upload the .mp3 files to your Amazon Music Library, edit the track titles to make them easier to remember and request from Alexa, then ask Alexa to play them for you just the same as any other track in your music library.

2. Connect the computer where you’ve downloaded the programs to the Echo via Bluetooth. In that case you’ll need to use your computer’s music or media player program for playback controls (e.g., fast-forward, rewind, skip).


Recommended Listening
There’s truly something for everyone in the OTRR Library, but here are a few of my personal recommendations.

Looking for thrills, chills and horror? Try the Suspense series, and the Mysterious Traveler series (listed on the M index page).

For classic short stories acted by Hollywood greats, check out Academy Award Theater.

Are you a lover of music and musical theater? Try The Kingsmen and The Kate Smith shows (listed on the K index page).

For opera, try Texaco Star Theater (listed on the T index page).

Music fans will want to check the M index page for a large selection of musical programs, ranging from classical to popular, with some holiday programming available as well.


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