Campbell’s Kitchen On Amazon Echo

Two days ago Adweek ran a piece saying Campbell’s Kitchen functionality has been integrated into the Echo, allowing users to query Campbell’s Kitchen for its daily recipe collection. Only problem is, nobody seems to know how to get Alexa to cough up those recipes.



I scoured the web for any references to Echo owners using this new feature and I found nothing. Then I checked the Alexa mobile app to see if this would turn up on the Skills tab; again, no dice.

Finally, in case it’s been added as a native Alexa Voice Service feature I experimented with some Echo requests like, “Alexa, ask Campbell’s Kitchen for a recipe.” Alexa errored out, and in the mobile app I saw that she thought I said, “Ask cannibals kitchen for a recipe.”

Good heavens, what Alexa must think of me now!



Campbell’s Kitchen Skill – Adweek Jumped The Gun
When all else fails I hit up Amazon’s Echo support team, so I gave them a call.

The support rep at first had no idea what I was talking about and said she hadn’t heard anything about this yet.

After doing some research on her end with Amazon’s Alexa engineers she said Campbell’s Kitchen will be rolled out as a new skill, but it has not yet been released. She said the engineers were surprised to hear AdWeek was already writing about it.

I was advised to check the Alexa app from time to time, as that’s where the Campbell’s Kitchen function will eventually show up. It will offer a selection of daily, featured recipes which the user can have sent in full to the Alexa app, so don’t worry that you’ll be limited to hearing Alexa’s dictation of the recipes.

The Echo support rep also confirmed that because this is being released as a skill, it should be available to Fire TV owners whose devices have Alexa Voice Service support.


If you’re curious to know what kinds of recipes we can expect, click here to visit the Campbell’s Kitchen site.


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