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The fact that Amazon Prime members get unlimited, free access to stream Amazon’s Prime Music catalog through their Echos is all well and good, but what if you’re not a Prime member? Here are some other ways to stream music to your Echo without spending another dime.



1. Use the free account option for any or all of the Echo’s supported streaming music services: iHeartRadio, Pandora or TuneIn.
For full details on how to work with any of these services when using your Echo to stream their content, see this page on Amazon: Amazon Echo Help › Music & Audiobooks › Listen to Your Music › TuneIn / iHeartRadio / Pandora / Prime Stations.

You can go to the respective websites, or use the mobile apps, of each service to sign up for a free account. Then go into the Echo mobile app and link the account(s) under Settings > Music Services.


2. Upload up to 250 of your own MP3 files to your Amazon Music Library for free.
The Echo can access anything in your Amazon Music Library, and you’re allowed to upload up to 250 files to the Library for free. Digital music you buy from Amazon is added to your Music Library automatically, and does not count toward the 250 free track limit.



Note that files you upload must not have Digital Rights Management (DRM) applied to them, but DRM hasn’t been much of an issue in purchased digital music for years now so any tracks you’ve bought within the past few years probably don’t have DRM applied.

You can also use iTunes, Windows Media Player or many other music player programs to “rip” MP3s from CDs you own, and those tracks also won’t have DRM on them.

The Import Your Music help page on Amazon provides the step-by-step for importing your own tracks.



3. “Buy” Free Tracks & Albums On Amazon
At any given time you can find hundreds of free MP3 albums and thousands of free MP3 tracks in Amazon’s Digital Music Store, and the selection ranges from kids’ music to classical, from alterna-pop to world music, from spoken word to bluegrass, from nature sounds (like the album pictured above) to house music, and just about any other genre you can think of.

FREE MP3 albums, in order by average customer review rating

FREE MP3 songs, in order by average customer review rating


It’s actually pretty easy to get a HUGE digital music library for free, and who knows? You may just discover some new favorites!


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