New Alexa Timer & Alarm Triggers In IFTTT




New IFTTT Triggers Make IFTTT Much More Useful For Echo Owners
More than once I’ve seen discussion board posts where someone was saying it would be great if you could get your Echo to do a certain thing based on an Echo alarm or timer going off. If you’re willing to sign up for the free IFTTT service and do the setup yourself, now that functionality is available.

For those unfamiliar with IFTTT, see my IFTTT In Plain English post.

Alarm and Timer are now available as Alexa triggers on IFTTT, meaning you can pair them with any other IFTTT-supported app or service to make something happen in/with those apps or services when your Alexa alarm or timer goes off. There are a LOT of supported apps and services, but here are just few ideas. When the timer/alarm goes off…

– post to Facebook

– send an email

– tell the Garageio to open the garage door

– turn on a GE Smart Oven

– adjust a Nest or Honeywell evohome thermostat

– call your phone and read a message

You get the idea. There are many, MANY more options to try on the IFTTT site. Again, for instructions on how to use IFTTT, click here to read my earlier post about it.