Yes, You CAN Access Another Household Member’s Music Library On Your Echo

If you’ve got a household with more than one Amazon account and separate Amazon Music libraries, it’s not just possible, but EASY to add the second account and music library so you can access one another’s music through the same Alexa device.

To do this, you must first set up an Amazon Household Profile (Amazon UK customers click here) in the Alexa app, which will grant the second person access to your Amazon account and allows that person to make purchases on the account via the Alexa device.

However, you can add a kind of password protection to prevent unwanted purchases. To do this, go to the Voice Purchasing area in your Amazon Household Profile (again, this is in the Alexa app) and enter a 4-digit confirmation code that any user must speak aloud when placing orders through the Alexa device.



How To Access The Second Household Member’s Profile (and Music Library)
Once you have the Household set up, you can switch accounts, known by Alexa as “profiles” on the Alexa device:

1. Say “[Wake word], switch profile.”

2. All the standard Alexa commands work just the same, but are only applied to the profile that’s currently active. Each profile has separate to-do lists, alarms, traffic reports, customized Flash Briefings and so on as well.

3. When browsing for music in the Alexa app, you can use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen to toggle between whose profile/library you are browsing.

Tip: To check which profile is currently being accessed, ask “[Wake word], which profile?”


Now you and your roommate, spouse or partner can still keep your music libraries separate, but listen to either of them through a single Alexa device!


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