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This topic isn’t specific to Alexa, but since anyone who owns an Alexa device is also an Amazon shopper I’m pretty sure it’ll be of interest to most of the LME audience.

There’s a new kind of spam in town and Amazon customers are getting sick of it. Like me, you may have noticed many of your Amazon orders now prompt unwanted follow up messages from the vendor. These always come disguised as a “thanks for your order,” “helpful tips,” “let us know if there are any problems,” email or similar, but what they’re all REALLY about is prompting the buyer to leave an Amazon review. Read on to learn what opened the spam floodgates, and how to stop Amazon seller emails.


Amazon Seller Emails: STOP IT!


What Changed?
You may recall reading about Amazon’s purge of paid reviews and “received this product free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review” reviews over the past few years. Both of these types of reviews are now banned on Amazon. The changes put Amazon sellers into a panic: how would they get reviews now?


Autospam: It’s Not A Bug, It’s a Feature!
Enter the “customer contact” industry, or as consumers would generally call it: autospammers. Sellers pay these services to automatically send out boilerplate emails to every purchaser based on triggers chosen by the seller. One product order of mine prompted three seller emails!

If you’re wondering why Amazon allows this, the answer is that they don’t. Amazon has strict guidelines about seller contact with purchasers, but many sellers either don’t know or don’t care about those rules. The seller gets away with it until angry consumers start reporting the spam to Amazon. If you’ve got better things to do than be Amazon’s pen pal, you can opt out of ALL seller emails on the Amazon site instead.


How To Opt Out Of ALL Amazon Seller Emails

1. Login to your account on the Amazon site.

2. On the Your Account page, scroll down to the Email alerts, messages, and ads box (shown below), and click the Communication preferences link.

Amazon Account Email Prefs


3. On the Communication preferences page, scroll down to the Email Preferences section and navigate to the Promotional Emails section (shown below). Click the downward-pointing arrow to expand the box.

Amazon Account Email Promo Prefs


4. Scroll down the list and uncheck the Seller Communications and Seller Feedback boxes, as shown below, then scroll all the way to the bottom of the form and click the Update button to save your changes.

Stop Amazon Seller Emails

You will see a warning telling you that making this selection will stop ALL seller emails, including some that may be important like recalls or warranty information. This is not really a concern because sellers will still be able to contact you by going through the pre-existing, manual steps they’ve always had available through the seller marketplace. They just can’t autospam you any more.

Note that these instructions are accurate as of this writing, on 4/18/17, but Amazon site layout and policies are subject to change at any time in the future.

**4/21/17 UPDATE** Note that from the time you change your communication preferences it may take a few days for the changes to take effect across all of Amazon’s servers. Also note that even after you opt out sellers are allowed to contact you for truly important things like product recalls and unexpected backorders. Some sellers will abuse that system and use it to send more unwanted email. If they do, please report it to Amazon because it’s against the rules, but Amazon has no way of knowing it’s happening if you don’t tell them. If Amazon has included a ‘this was not helpful’ link at the bottom of the email, click that link to report the problem.


You’re welcome!


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