4/14/17 Alexa Fast Tips Friday

Welcome to LME’s 4/14/17 Alexa Fast Tips Friday. You may have heard some of these before, but hopefully, at least one will be totally new and helpful to you.


Easter Bunnies


1. Winning lotto number skills are now available. In the Skills tab of the Alexa app or in the Alexa skills store on Amazon’s US site, search on the keyword “lotto” or “powerball” to find them. I didn’t find any UK-specific lotto skills on Amazon’s UK site but for those who are playing the US lotto from abroad, the Powerball Numbers and US Lotto skills are available in the UK skills store.


2. Speaking of skills…did you know you can enable them by voice now? As an added bonus, when you enable a skill by voice Alexa will give you the command to launch it. For example, if you’re curious to try out that Powerball Numbers skill, just say, “[wake word], enable the Powerball Numbers skill.”


3. Amazon’s providing Echo owners with access to two free audiobooks during the month of April. Say, “[wake word], read Anne of Green Gables from Audible,” or “[wake word], read The Secret Garden from Audible,” to hear them.

Note to UK readers: I’m unable to check if these same titles have been made available for free to UK Echo owners, but if not, I’ve found links to some nearly-free audiobook editions appropriate to the season on Amazon’s UK site: Anne of Green Gables (currently priced at £0.95), Anne of Avonlea (currently priced at £0.95), and Persuasion (currently priced at £0.52).


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