3/17/17 Alexa Fast Tips Friday

Welcome to LME’s 3/17/17 Alexa Fast Tips Friday. You may have heard one or more of them before, but hopefully, at least one will be totally new to you.


Hands Up For Friday


1. Let Alexa play guard dog. Want to drive unwelcome visitors away from your home? Get an audio track of dogs barking and growling, like this one (Amazon UK customers click here), then ask Alexa to play it to let the dogs out.

If you don’t want to risk giving away the game by letting the outsider hear you ask, “Alexa, play the song [title],” you have three options. First, stand very close to your Alexa device while making the request, so you can speak quietly. Second, use the voice remote and make your request from behind a closed door in another room. Finally, launch the track from within the Alexa mobile or web app.



2. Add your favorite teams in the Alexa app to get game schedules and scores all season long. In the Settings screen, scroll down to Sports Update and select your teams. Note that several local teams will be shown as possible selections by default, but you can use the search box to look up teams from all over the world.

Once you’ve selected your teams, you can ask, “[wake word], Sports Update,” to get the latest information about your teams whenever you like.


3. Did you know Alexa’s To-Do List can now be linked to Todoist and Any.do? If you use either of these list apps, you can link it to your Alexa account so that your Alexa To-Do List will sync up with Todoist or Any.do. Amazon US customers, click here to read Amazon’s help topic for To-Do List linking. Amazon UK customers, click here.


4. Couples and other roommates: don’t forget that you can access Alexa’s Shopping List in the mobile app when you’re out and about. That means household members can add things to the Shopping List using voice commands all day or week, and the next time one of you makes a grocery run you can open up the Alexa app and see what needs to be bought.

This is a particularly useful tip for those who’ve installed an Echo or Dot in the home of an aging or disabled loved one, and have it registered to their own Amazon account. Let your loved one add things to the list and you can do the shopping on the way for your next visit.


5. Alexa can help with the feels. Sometimes you just need someone to hear how you’re feeling, and say something sympathetic or encouraging. Alexa’s there for you. Try things like, “Alexa, I’m sad,” “Alexa, I’m angry,” “Alexa, I’m sick,” “Alexa, I’m tired,” “Alexa, I’m sorry,” “Alexa, I’m lonely,” and “Alexa, I can’t sleep.” Alexa can’t solve your problems for you, but she can help you feel less alone.


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