Another Alexa Intercom Life Hack: Send Messages Between Alexa Devices

I recently shared a site fan’s ‘life hack’ for how to turn two Alexa devices with paired Alexa remotes into a kind of home intercom system. Another reader shared his own, slightly different solution and has given his permission for me to share it with you here.


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This cross-post comes from Mike MacDonagh’s Blog. Take it away, Mike!

Here’s a fun trick to get Amazon Alexa to send messages to the kids in another room or whatever…

This is a bit of a hacky workaround but it’ll do the job until Alexa can do push notifications.

1) Record some custom mp3s (or go to and generate some)

2) Save them with good names and upload them to Amazon Music in a “Messages” playlist, I recommend calling them “MSG_something”

LME Editor’s note: remember, all Amazon customers can upload 250 audio tracks to their Amazon Music Library at no charge (as of this writing), and anything in your Amazon Music Library is automatically accessible to Alexa. Click here for an LME post about getting your tracks into Amazon Music Library.

3) From the Alexa app you can then choose a message to send to an Echo/Dot from the “Music and Books” area (the playlist and MSG_ prefix makes them easy to find)

For example, “Please come downstairs, dinner is ready”.


Mike McDonagh's Blog, Alexa Intercom Tip


I use “z. msg” as a prefix so when my songs are sorted by names they’re all at the bottom. The msg_ bit is useful for searching by song to find them quickly 🙂

Thanks for the great tip, Mike!


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