LME’s 2/10/17 Freebie Friday: Word Puzzle Apps

Welcome to LME’s 2/10/17 Freebie Friday! I’m going with some very highly rated yet totally free word puzzle apps today, since worthwhile free audiobooks aren’t always available and Amazon’s UK site almost never offers any free digital music. Are they specific to Alexa-enabled devices? Not at all. Are they fun ways to build your spelling and vocabulary skills anytime you’ve got a few minutes to kill? Absolutely!


Cat Word Puzzle


Links in this post are for the Android versions, but both of the first two apps are also available for iOS on iTunes. I can personally endorse all three of these apps, as I’ve played (and greatly enjoyed!) all of them myself.

First up, it’s Bonza Word Puzzles.

Bonza Word Puzzle (UK readers click here).


Bonza word puzzles are like a mashup of crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, word search and trivia. This app trailer demonstrates how they work:


The sequel, Bonza National Geographic (UK readers click here), offers the same type of gameplay experience but with a National Geographic bent: topics include current events, animals, science and geography.


Today’s last pick is the very fun and funny Chicktionary (UK readers click here)—currently available for Android only.


In this game you’re given a set of letters and must use them to form the required number of words of the required length. There’s a journey mode that allows you to work your way through hundreds of levels in order (with no time limit per level), a quick play mode where you race the clock, and a classic mode that’s sort of in between.

Fair warning: this is one of those free apps that only lets you play a limited number of levels before you must either put the game away for a while or use in-game currency to continue playing. You earn in-game currency at a decent clip if you’re good at the game though, so this doesn’t have to be as annoying as it sounds. Also, if you adopt this game as your go-to for lunch hours, you’ll have enough time to burn through the day’s levels while you eat and the game will be all charged up and ready to go by the time your next lunch hour rolls around.


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FTC disclosure: The apps featured in this post are currently offered by their developers and sales outlets free of charge, and I do not receive any compensation from the app developers as a result of my personal endorsement of their products.

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