A New Celebrity Alexa Alarm Tone

Fans of the political thriller TV show 24, you’re in for a treat: Amazon’s introduced yet another celebrity Alexa alarm tone, and this one’s got a 24 theme.




This latest alarm tone borrows the countdown timer sound from the hit TV show, and ends with a bang! From Amazon:


Wake Up To 24: Legacy

1. Open the Alexa app.

2. Select Settings, then select the Alexa device on which you want the alarm to play.

3. Select Sounds & Notifications, then Alarm.

4. On the Alarm Default Sound Screen, select Celebrity, then 24: Legacy.

5. Set an alarm for your desired time in the app or by voice.


Other Celebrity Alarm Tones
If waking up to the sound of impending doom isn’t for you, there are several other available celebrity alarm tones:

Grand Tour (from the British road trip show)

Dan Marino

Jason Schwartzman

Alec Baldwin

Missy Elliot


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