LME’s 2/3/17 Freebie Friday: 2 Audiobooks For US & UK

Welcome to LME’s 2/3/17 Freebie Friday! Today I’ve got two Audible suspense titles that are free for both Amazon’s US and UK customers, plus a bonus freebie for Amazon’s US customers only (sorry, Amazon UK customers – I throw extra freebies your way when I can find them, too!).


Hipster Gaston


Today’s first freebie is To Die For (UK readers click here).


The publisher doesn’t provide a summary, but one Audible reviewer describes it like this:

Anthony feels he is one upped by his brother Ryan in everything. Anthony teases Ryan for confiding to him a deep secret. Ryan also shares his deep secrets with “a friend” who pushes him to do something unthinkable…

Runtime: 1 hour, 9 minutes.


Next is a story from Audible’s Killer Women anthology, FREE: The Window Man (UK readers click here).


A short suspense tale with a twist ending.

Runtime: 25 minutes.


Finally, there’s a bonus freebie for Amazon US customers only: Excerpts From Agatha Christie: An Autobiography, narrated by the great author herself!


Back in print in an all-new edition is the engaging and illuminating chronicle of the life of the “Queen of Mystery”. Fans of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple and readers of John Curran’s fascinating biographies Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks and Murder in the Making will be spellbound by the compelling, authoritative account of one of the world’s most influential and fascinating novelists, told in her own words and inimitable style – and here in her own voice. These audio excerpts were dictated by Agatha Christie herself.

The New York Times Book Review called Christie’s autobiography a “joyful adventure,” saying, “she brings the sense of wonder… to her extraordinary career.”

Runtime: 1 hour and 20 minutes.


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