Alexa Life Hack: Alexa Intercom System On The Cheap!

Ever since the Echo first launched, consumers have wanted Amazon to support some kind of Alexa intercom system functionality with Echo and Dot. Well, they haven’t yet, but one enterprising Alexa device owner has found a workaround.


Lame Life Hack


Thanks for this tip goes out to Woody, on the Amazon Echo (no invite questions) discussion board.

You can use the Simon Says command issued through an Echo remote to achieve this–sort of. You aren’t actually broadcasting to a different Echo, but can achieve what you’re looking to do nonetheless. Here’s how.

Suppose you pair the Echo with one remote and the Dot with another. And you put the Echo upstairs, along with the Dot’s remote; put the Dot downstairs along with the ECHO’S remote. If you activate the upstairs remote and say into it, “Alexa, Simon Says ‘Hello down there.'” the Dot downstairs will say, “Hello down there.” The person who is downstairs can reply via the Echo by activating the downstairs remote and saying “Alexa, Simon Says, ‘I hear you.'” which will result in the Echo upstairs saying, “I hear you.”

A little kludgy, but cheaper than a real intercom–especially since you already have the Echo and the Dot. All you would need to purchase is two Echo remotes.

This is the remote I’m talking about:
Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot (Amazon UK readers click here).

Thanks, Woody! And if anyone reading this wants to check out the discussion board where I found this tip, click here to go there.


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