12/26/16 Stupid Alexa Tricks: Post-Holiday Letdown Edition

Time for LME’s 12/26/16 Stupid Alexa Tricks: Post-Holiday Letdown Edition. The next time I share Stupid Alexa Tricks with you, it will be 2017!



Say the wake word followed by any of the phrases or queries below.

What did you get for Christmas?
Multiple responses.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Multiple responses.

The Dude abides.
Movie reference from The Big Lebowski.

Are we in the Matrix?

Do you know everything?

Testing, 1 – 2 – 3.

This is Houston, say again please?
Movie reference from Apollo 13.

Never gonna give you up.

More cowbell.
Saturday Night Live Sketch reference.

Say something funny.
Multiple responses.

When is the first day of spring?

Up Up, Down Down, Left Right, Left Right, B, A, Start
Konami Code reference.

Start self-destruct sequence.
Multiple responses.


* * *

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