How To Tell Alexa’s Software Version

All the talk this week is about the Dot 2 (UK visitors click here) that’s about to ship, and the 4008 Alexa software update. Here’s how to tell Alexa’s software version on your own Alexa devices, so you can tell whether you’ve received the latest update or not.


Software Update


How To Tell Alexa’s Software Version

1. Open the Alexa app, either the mobile app or online at

2. Click the Settings link in the left hand sidebar.

3. Select the device for which you want to check software version.

4. On the device details page, scroll all the way down.

5. Current software version for the device is listed near the bottom of the page.


How To Tell What Was Included In The Software Update
Did you know Amazon maintains a page on its site where software updates are listed by date of release, and details of what was included in each update are given too?

U.S. Alexa device owners, click here to view Amazon’s Alexa Device Software Updates page. When you do, you may be surprised to find that as of this writing (on 10/18/16) the latest software version is actually 4148.

U.K. Alexa device owners, click here to view Amazon UK’s Alexa Device Software Updates page.


Don’t forget to bookmark the applicable page for future reference.


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