Why You Should Always Tattle On Alexa

Sometimes Alexa doesn’t do what you were expecting her to do. Sometimes she can’t do something that you think she should be able to do. Either way, you should always tattle on Alexa.


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Amazon Wants To Hear About It, So They Can Make Alexa Better
I recently posted about contacting Amazon directly for tech support with your Alexa-enabled devices, but today’s topic is slightly different.

Amazon’s Alexa engineers are constantly tweaking and upgrading Alexa’s software, which is why she keeps getting better. But sometimes a change or tweak introduces a new, unexpected error or behavior. While Amazon’s engineers test as thoroughly as they reasonably can before each software update, there are only so many bases they can cover at the test bench.

Out “in the wild”, where many tech news outlets report there are over 3 million Alexa-enabled devices in use by consumers (though Amazon has not disclosed a figure), there will be many more opportunities for errors, glitches and unexpected consequences to emerge. There will be millions more of what software engineers call “use cases”: specific sets of circumstances and smart home setups, any of which may reveal a previously unseen issue. If users of Alexa-enabled devices don’t report those problems, Alexa engineers have no way of knowing they exist.

Amazon wants and needs to hear about these incidents.

Hearing from users of Alexa-enabled devices is also the only way Amazon will know if Alexa users strongly dislike some purposeful change they’ve made, and thought was no big deal. Remember the “Okay” debacle, when a software update eliminated Alexa’s friendly confirmation message and replaced it with an audio tone? Until the complaints and requests to change it back started pouring in, Amazon had no idea people really cared about the change.


Whether via the feedback form in the Alexa app, email or phone (1-877-375-9365 – 3am to 10pm PST, 7 days), you should always tattle on Alexa when she misbehaves.


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