Amazon Echo Phone and Email Support

I put that big ‘ole Echo Help Desk link in the sidebar, but it seems a lot of folks who own Alexa enabled devices either aren’t clicking on it or don’t know about this site to begin with.




Got A Problem?
Seems hardly a day goes by that I don’t see someone posting to reddit, Amazon’s own discussion boards, Facebook or some other discussion group to ask the hive mind for help and advice because:

– they’re having difficulty getting their Alexa-enabled device connected to their WiFi

– they’re having difficulty keeping their Alexa-enabled device connected to their WiFi

– they’re having difficulty getting Alexa to control a supposedly supported smart home device

– they have questions about how to do certain things in the Alexa app

– Alexa isn’t doing what the device owner thinks she should

– Alexa is doing something totally unexpected

– Alexa is returning an error either in spoken form or in the app

– they’ve heard about this or that function Alexa supposedly has, but don’t know how to get it to work on their device

– et cetera


There’s No Need To Throw Yourself On The Mercy Of The Internet!
Sometimes these exchanges go on for days, with the original poster getting more and more frustrated, to the point where they’re threatening to get rid of their Echo! I guess they don’t know Amazon has a dedicated Echo/Alexa support department that’s never further than a phone call or email away.

Amazon Echo Tech Support phone number:
1-877-375-9365 – 3am to 10pm PST, 7 days

Amazon Echo/Alexa Tech Support email address:


Next time you have an Alexa problem or question, go to the source for help. And if you know someone who owns an Alexa-enabled device, please share those support options and this site with them.


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