Alexa Skill Spotlight: Patrón and Pokemon

Here are a couple of skills you may have heard about around the web this week: one to help adults mix delicious Patrón Tequila cocktails, and another to help Pokemon Go! players of all ages.


Pokemon Go When You're An Adult


Please note that I am not personally endorsing these skills, and in fact I haven’t even used either of them. I’m just letting my readers who might be interested know they exist.


For The Pokemon Go! Player

All you aspiring Pokemon masters might want to check out the Trainer Tips skill. From the skill description:

Trainer Tips gives Alexa knowledge of 18 battle types and their strengths and weaknesses. Trying to decide who to bring out in a battle? Ask the Trainer Tips skill to refresh your memory on what’s weak against Fire, or what’s strong against Rock (surprisingly, a lot.)

You can also ask for a random Trainer Tip.

Sample interactions:
Alexa, ask Trainer Tips what’s weak against Fire.

Alexa, ask Trainer Tips to teach me something.

Alexa, ask Trainer Tips what is strong against Dragon types.


Libbey Mixologist Bar Set


For The Patrón Mixmaster

This one was just released, and ties in to the new Patron Cocktail Lab web platform. As reported on Adweek:

Patrón Cocktail Lab is initially launching with 168 cocktails with plans to add additional content monthly and is part of the brand’s ongoing effort to show how tequila can be used to make more than just margaritas.

“One of our focus areas has been on how do we better articulate and share the versatility of Patrón tequila—–it can substitute in a Gin and Tonic, in a Bloody Mary,” said Lee Applbaum, Patrón’s CMO. “When we set about building this new part of the web, it’s built with very consumer-first, easy-to-search parameters for the perfect cocktail.”

As part of the launch, Patrón and Razorfish built a skill that plugs into Amazon Echo, the e-commerce giant’s voice-enabled system.

Enter the Patron Tequila skill. From the skill’s description:

Patrón on Alexa allows you to easily find and make tequila cocktails from the comfort of home. Enable the skill by saying “Alexa, ask Patrón” followed by a cocktail request based on type, flavor, occasion or ingredients you have on hand. Then easily make the drink by listening to the recipe. You can also learn about tequila and get cocktail-making tips from bartenders.

Mature audiences only. This skill may not be suitable for all ages. Patrón provides instructions for making alcoholic drinks and is intended for adults over the age of 21.

Sample interactions:
Alexa, ask Patron to find a spicy margarita.

Alexa, ask Patron what is dry shaking?

Alexa, ask Patron to surprise me!


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