Alexa’s Prime Day Deals + Dot Disappeared?

Amazon’s Prime Day happens on July 12, but Prime members who own Alexa-enabled devices are getting some early, exclusive offers via Alexa’ Prime Day Deals. In other news: has Dot disappeared?




Prime Day Comes Early With Alexa
Alexa is offering special deals to Prime members between now and Prime Day, but to take advantage of the special prices ORDERS MUST BE PLACED THROUGH ALEXA, NOT ON THE AMAZON SITE.

Each day between now and July 12 you can find out what the exclusive offers are by clicking here to view the offers page on Amazon, or by asking Alexa. Say the wake word followed by:

What are your Prime Day deals?

Remember: you will only get the special offer pricing if you place your order using voice commands with your Alexa-enabled device; if you check the products’ pages on Amazon you’ll see the regular prices listed there.

If you’ve never placed an order through Alexa before, you’ll also get $10 off the first order you place that way between today and July 12 (Prime Day).

Be sure to ask Alexa or check the deals page each day between now and Prime day, because these are some pretty amazing offers.


Today’s Deals Include Tap For $79
TODAY ONLY the Amazon Tap is priced at just $79 for Prime members who order through Alexa—even LESS if you’re placing your first order through Alexa and get the $10 credit. That’s a minimum of $50 off the Tap’s regular price. Note that I’m not including a link here because you will only get the special price if you order through Alexa.

REMEMBER: THIS DEAL IS GOOD TODAY ONLY, AND ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. If past sales like this are any indication, the Tap may well sell out so if you want a Tap get that order in ASAP!



Where Did Dot Go?
This one’s a mystery. The Echo Dot no longer comes up in searches on the Amazon site. If you own one you can access the Dot’s product page via My Orders, by looking up the order with the Dot in it, but its product page now says:

Sold out
Thank you for your interest in Echo Dot. It is currently sold out. Stay tuned, we’re always up to something new. Explore Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled products like Amazon Tap.

“Sold out” is not the same thing as “out of stock”, so it may be that the first-generation Dot will no longer be available at all.

Looking at the history of Amazon’s other hardware it’s typical to see new versions released in the fall, just in time for holiday shopping season. The new device releases are often preceded by discount offers on, or discontinuation of, current-version devices. It’s possible, perhaps even likely, that new versions of Echo, Tap and Dot are on the way.

If you’re now debating whether or not to buy a current-version Tap in today’s deal, I’d say that if you’re happy with the feature set available on the current model then $79 is a pretty great price for it. If you can get the additional $10 off in a first-time Alexa order, so much the better!

Even if a new version of Tap is released the current version will continue to be supported by Amazon and may be able to match the functionality of any possible new version via software updates. Remember, the first-generation Fire TV stick and Fire TV box both received software updates to turn them into Alexa-enabled devices.

If you’re still on the fence and hoping for a major Tap hardware redesign, then it’s probably best to wait and see what happens in the fall.


Don’t forget to ask Alexa, “What are your Prime Day deals?” each day between now and July 12.


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