Yonomi App Lets Alexa Control HUE Bulb ‘Temperature’

Alexa voice controls for HUE smart lights are fairly limited; if you’ve been looking for a way to let Alexa control your HUE bulbs’ temperature (a.k.a. color tone, with yellows/reds considered “warmer” and blues/greens “cooler”), read on!


Light Is Too Bright


Reddit user gosb offers this solution, which is shared here with permission.

I like to change the color temperature of my Hue color and ambiance bulbs throughout the day. When I wake up I like the lights bright white 100%. As the day progresses into night I like the lights warmer to help me go to sleep. I was able to accomplish this using the Android app Yonomi.

LME Editor’s Note: Click here to get the iOS version of the app.

Unfortunately it seems the phone needs to have an active WiFi connection to turn on routines. I don’t know if deep sleep such as Doze disables Yonomi commands.

1. Download Yonomi; the wizard should guide you through connecting Amazon Alexa and the Hue hub. If not click the hamburger menu (it looks like three short, horizontal lines) on the top left, select Accounts and Hubs, and use the + button to connect Alexa and Hue.

2. Press the + button on either the Favorites menu or the routines menu. Don’t worry about the ‘When’ and ‘But only if’ sections; click ‘Add Action’. Select the bulb(s) you would like to control. Swipe right and left to select different actions.

If you want to change the brightness setting and color temperature you need to add the same bulb twice.

If you want bright white, swipe until the color temperature setting comes up. 6500k is bright white, the lower the number the warmer the light.

Press the check mark on the upper left. Give it a simple name Echo can understand like morning.

Here’s an example of how everything should look.

3. Use the routines tab (to the left of the lightbulb icon) to select your routine and press the Run Routine button to test. If everything looks good proceed to step 4. The color temperatures takes a few seconds to process. If nothing happens then try connecting your Echo and Hue hub in the settings again

4. Say out loud, “[wake word] discover devices.” You don’t need to press the button on the Hue bridge though. You need to do this every time you add new or change routine names.

5. Say out loud, “[wake word] turn on (routine name you created in step 2).”

6. If the Yonomi notifications are annoying, you can turn them off in the app’s notification settings.

Good luck!

My favorite routine slowly fades out the living room lights until they’re off, dims bedroom to 20% and sets the temperature to 2000k.

If you find this tip useful, don’t forget to give the app developer a positive review 🙂

Note that there’s also a Yonomi skill available for Alexa, but this solution doesn’t employ that skill.

Thanks, gosb!


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