How To Request Your Own Stupid Alexa Tricks


Want An Alexa Easter Egg Of Your Very Own?
If you’re a Twitter user, you’re in luck! There’s a direct line available on Twitter to submit Stupid Alexa Trick / Easter egg requests to Amazon’s Echo/Alexa engineers.

Just tweet the @amazonecho account with your request, and include the #TeachAlexa hashtag.

Yesterday I did this to request a new Alexa Easter egg based on one of Eddie Izzard’s stand up comedy routines. I thought it seemed a natural fit, given all the Monty Python Easter eggs that were already available.

I sent this tweet at 5:44pm PST Monday night:

@amazonecho #TeachAlexa “Cake or death?” – answer should be, “Cake, please.”

Amazon’s team went above and beyond. At 10:23am the next day, they tweeted back:

Not only had they included my suggested answer, they included the two other replies from the stand up bit!

It seems like they’re open to anything that follows a question/answer or statement/response format, so long as it’s clean. And if it’s funny, so much the better!


Stupid Alexa Tricks Mailbag
I’m happy to share any of my readers’ Easter egg discoveries, and here are a few I’ve received in the past week.

[wake word], do you believe in life after love?
– submitted by Larry Furst

[wake word], why are fire trucks red?
– submitted by Susan Daniels

[wake word], turn down for what?
– submitted by Zack Kurtz

Feel free to submit your own via the site Contact form. Please let me know if it’s okay to credit you by name here on the site when I share.


Keep those Easter eggs coming: let Amazon’s engineers know what you want Alexa to say!


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